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Greetings from the Shamsiverse, September 1, 2017

From when I first met (online) a woman named Jamie Ridler, who engaged slews of us to create “Full Moon Dream Boards” -among other things which all led me to huge new circles of friends.
I always dug this board, and still have it.

“Do one thing a day that scares you.” “Simple.”

(I like that I put it with the kissy face …it’s got so much more umphf! that way. Don’t you think? 😉 )


Greetings Fellow Space Travelers, Happy Freyja’sDay!

On account of I couldn’t pull my writing self together this week, I decided to stumble my way through a video. So here I am, in my tangle-y way of saying, “Yo, we get to choose how we want to handle life.” …in under 10 minutes.


Yeah, I know. If that just seems like a bit much, and you’re like – “OOOOOO! It’s FreyjasDay!” – please feel free to skip to the  bottom. Because this morning was highly entertaining.



The Happy Freyja’sDay Dance video from this morning is below, & as always, I hope you dance along.

Until next time, I hope you get to spend time with people you love doing stuff that fills you up and brings you joy!

~Shamsi, Charlie, Me

Happy Freyja’sDay World!

Happy FreyjasDay World! Are You Ready to Dance?! from Shamsi Charlie Pettus on Vimeo.


Beginning tomorrow, my Shamsi-schedule over at Crescent Lotus is:

Sat – PoundFitness® 9AM followed by Dancemeditation Basic Practices led by Kryss Statho
Tue – PoundFitness® 6PM followed by Anatomy of Bellydance (A.o.B.) @ 7:15PM
Wed – PoundFitness® 6PM <—-NEW DAY & TIME!!!!
Thu – PoundFitness® 5:30PM
Fri – PoundFitness® 9:30AM <—NEW TIME!!! We’re now an hour later on Friday Mornings!

****PLEASE NOTE! Beginning Labor Day, September 4th, POUND FITNESS® on Monday nights @5:15pm is MOVING TO WEDNESDAY NIGHTS @6PM. STAY TUNED****