Winged Hope

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Pelicans. I have a mad-love for them.



Pelicans. I have a mad-love for them. Not only are they something akin to dinosaurs, but they are the state bird of Louisiana, which has always just made me feel protected – I know, weird, right? Enh, maybe, but in my adult-life as I learned about animal spirits and their energies, all of the things I learned about pelicans just confirmed all of my little-kid feelings about safety, and balance, and profound calm. HUGE birds that don’t get buffeted around easily and just look like everything’s a piece of cake.

Again, mad-love. On many levels. So I created this flock of pelicans with the hope that as they wing out into the world they can share a bit of their buoyancy and infuse their surroundings with calm.

Each pelican is unique. An original stencil design, spray-painted on a hand-cut, roughly rectangular, prepared sheet of 100lb Bristol paper, finished for light-fastness. Sizes vary – 12.5-14.5″ wide by 26.5-33″ tall.


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