Wait, I got this

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Created specifically for an art show called, “Reflections” this was my second self-portrait (the first is here).

Not dissimilar to “Just who do you think you are,” this portrait is not true to life, though it could be argued that I am more recognizable here – maybe because I took a picture of myself in my fairly-typical “updo” and favorite hair stick.  (It was a total ploy to be recognized at the opening reception, and it worked.)

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Like the first piece for this project, the process returned to me calling upon a master teacher, whom I thought would again be Frida – who it turns out decided she’d spent enough energy on me for one day – because when I did ask if we could keep going (because I’d committed to two pieces), she said, “Ask Picasso, he’s here too.”

So – I asked Pablo Picasso, “Would you mind guiding my hands through this project?” – and there he was. Not so potent as Frida, but definitely there.

The difference in personality between Frida and Pablo was like night and day – where one was Intense and Direct, the other was Receptive and Inquisitive – at first contact, my perception was that their masculine and feminine energies had nothing to do with the genders they had inhabited while being incarnated on Earth – I know, slightly off topic – but the manifestation of those two energies was a big revelation for me.

And – there we were, me, like a rabbit caught in the field without cover, and Pablo, curiously, lackadaisically perusing my paints.

Talk about shifting gears! HA! After five minutes, I was so impatient I did for really-real, “HhRMPH!” and begin flinging paints onto the canvas. But then, I realized I couldn’t push – I had to stop and listen.

I stopped and listened and did more “nothing” than I’ve done in a long time when it comes to painting. I had to listen deeply – and be still, extremely still, within and without – and from somewhere in the stillness, I recognized that I was definitely being guided, but by such a gentle hand, through whispers of suggestions that contained nothing of the “Here this. Go there. Now do this!” energy from the previous session.

This session was oddly like, getting on a tightrope without a harness, or diving from the high-dive with no one there to catch me – Picasso was there, yes to guide, but not to direct. I think it felt a bit like  …I dunno, maybe, it’s like the difference between leading the way to someplace you only vaguely know how to get to versus reading the directions to get to the same place? If that makes any sense.

It was simultaneously frustrating, not knowing the way and exhilarating, blazing a my own path.

It took far longer for me to realize this painting was done than the previous work, but I think it was just so subtle that it snuck up on me.

Regardless, here we are – watched over by Pablo, and so grateful for his presence and patience – I’m convinced he’s one of the most patient individuals I’ve ever ‘met’.




Wait I got this
“Wait, I got this.” Acrylic on 10″ x 20″ x 1.5″ Canvas


10″ x 20″ Acrylic on 1.5″ deep canvas
Shipping included within the continental U.S.

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Dimensions 10 x 20 x 1.5 in


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