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Dear You All,

I’d like to introduce “Freyja”. She has been a pure labor of love. She is seeking a home. Please email me if you’re interested.

With Love, Shamsi

acrylic 16″x40″  on 1.5″ deep canvas

Yes! I'm interested. Please tell me more.


"Freyja" acrylic on 16"x40" 1.5" deep canvas
“Freyja” acrylic on 16″x40″ 1.5″ deep canvas

Freyja may not be as widely recognized
as she once was, but her Spirit has never
left us.

As an aspect of “The Lady,” Freyja embodies
the very earthly qualities of Fertility,
Sex, Birth, and Death.

In working with her, I have come to
experience Freyja as nothing short of
fierce. Fierce, but deeply loving in her bold embrace.

Whenever I find myself in need of support
I can ask for Freyja to literally, ‘Get my back.’
She has never failed to provide a
strength and surety that appears as a
palpable energy – shielding and bolstering
me from behind.

Even in the midst of her Power,
Freyja’s energy does have an impish
quality …that of a big-sister who says,
“All is protected and well, so
let’s have fun, shall we?”

To invite Freyja into our worlds is to
engage, with joy and wonder,  the Mysteries of the Magic and Power of the Divine Feminine.

If we are willing to Honor these
Energies, they can show us how to transform our World.


If you have questions, please contact me. Thank you.


16″ x 40″ Mixed media on 1.5″ deep canvas

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Dimensions 16 x 1.5 x 40 in


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