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Greetings from the Shamsiverse, July 28, 2017

Greetings Fellow Space Travelers, Happy Freyja’sDay!

I feel as though I have been thoroughly human this week.

I have a friend, Christa, who uses the hashtag “this being human” – and I really feel that sums it all up.




I felt apprehensive moving into this week.

While it was about my birthday – it was really more about how I wanted to show up for my birthday.

Sometimes I get big ideas, often I get big ideas without enough time to execute them fully or as well as I would like …as a matter of fact, that tends to be the majority of my big ideas.

This year was no exception, but several things did happen that made me take a step back.

Last week, someone on the Book of the Faces posted about ‘shoulds’ – and ignoring them.

“Shoulds,” as in, “I should make a lovely video to give to the world on my birthday.” “I should plan some sort of outing or dance event for my birthday.” “I should bake a cake or some lovely tarts for my birthday.” (I enjoy lovely things.)

I was gonna should myself into exhaustion.

For real.

Then, Saturday afternoon after standing in lines from 12:30 – 5:30 at the Antiques Roadshow (and yes, we absolutely had fun queuing! 😉 ) – I realized precisely how tired I was.

It wasn’t just the day of standing on a concrete floor, it was many things that had been slowly accumulating …all leaves in a gutter – but on my way home, in a moment of realization, waiting for a pizza – my first food all day, I understood clearly, I simply didn’t want to do any of the things I kept saying I should.


We were lazy Sunday, and it was raining everywhere, so even a day-trip on the motorcycle to Grand Isle was out. And that was probably for the best. I did get the grocery shopping out of the way Sunday afternoon because I had an 8:30 appointment the next morning, but then that fell through – so, wow – what to do?

The same thing we do every Monday morning Binky, we pull cards and straight-up listen to The Universe.

 For whatever reason, this week it seems important to share at least a few, if not all of my self-readings. In part because I’d like to illustrate my conversations with The Universe, how It speaks, how I listen, and respond. I’d also like to share how these conversations empower, and lead me to action – you know, the scary part.

The process: I enjoy using oracle/animal/tarot cards for my self-readings.  The shuffling of the cards helps quiet my ego-mind and helps me be in my body. The physical action brings a focus to my hands, and allows my mind to shift its perceptions/ receiving antenna. Once I’ve drawn the cards (one for each day of the week, then one for ‘where I am now’) I sit with each one, listen to what it has to say to me, and write that message on its date in a Day Journal.

In doing so, the message is unique to that day, even if I pull the same card the following week.


Where I am now? “Freedom
Monday – (Also, but pulled from a different deck ) “Freedom

– Is a state of mind – and a gift you give yourself every time you let go.
<<Blink.blink.blink.>> Dude, well, right on.

Tuesday – “Retreat” (funny because it was my birthday and because I’m a Leo …and basically, that’s just not us, mostly.)

Which in this case means Follow your bliss – Retreat into Joy.  Create a day for yourself and BE there. All the way. 
After some gardening and drinking coffee on the porch, I went inside and cleaned my entire home – laundry, dishes, floors …everything. And gave myself a mani/pedi. Later, my Dad called and asked, “Well, was it a good day?” To which I replied, “Well, my house is spanking f*%!&$#@ clean!” He laughed and asked, “Is that a good thing?” And I surprised myself by responding, “I don’t know, but it makes me FEEL GOOD!” So yeah, Who knew?

Wednesday – Support

 – Grief doesn’t need to be handled alone. It’s okay to ask even us for help. It’s a lot for one person.
Again, who knew? A friend of mine was looking for some guidance on swimming strokes and coordinating breaths, so we went to a local pool early in the morning, and swam laps, focusing on our bodies, and breaths, and then went for a 2.5 hour coffee. My soul absolutely needed the conversation we had, and I feel healed for it all.

Thursday – Truth & Integrity

 – Be who you are without wavering or quavering. There is always risk – but the outcomes of not being yourself are far riskier.
<<Blink.blink.blink>> Uhm, I’m not even sure to tell you all how many instances this week I’ve been told, in one form or another, this exact thing. Par example, that picture up at the top there? Yeah – that is a “Facebook -On this day” picture ….from 7 YEARS AGO – today. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Risk. Dudes. Dudesses.
With regard to that whole ‘without wavering or quavering’ – there were two ‘right-to-the-gut’ messages –

I think it may have been Sunday or so, on the Book of the Faces, Fabeku Fatunmise posted this gem …which spoke volumes to me and several other people who read it –

“Whenever I’d overhear how people found me to be ‘a bit much’ (which is the gentle way of saying the word ‘unbearable’’), I understood why. To myself I would say: Well, yes of course I’m a bit much — if I weren’t, I would not be lit up by so many lights.” – Morrissey (excerpted from his autobiography)

And Monday, after finishing my readings and not knowing exactly what to do with myself before class that night, and already having completed my usual Monday chores – I turned on “Saint Ralph” – I’m pretty sure it was what I needed to ‘hear‘ right then. (My family has a ‘champion the underdogs’ complex ….so all the feels. Right?)

And then it’s all about faith. So, yeah. That.  And this scene always gets me – because ultimately, it’s about lining up your insides with your outsides. Or, “Coherence” as FF (above) says.

“Well, that’s where the faith part comes in… you have to believe that you’re going to win Boston.”
“I do. God told me.”
“Do you believe it right down to your bones?”
“You see, God won’t be in your corner unless you believe you’re going to win.”

To me, there seems to be a bit of supporting evidence for “Be who you are.”

Freyja’s Day – “Answered Prayer

– No matter what – you are loved, protected, guided and constantly given opportunities to live more deeply and fully.
Okay – I’m just gonna call them out on this sugar-coating thing they do sometimes. Do you see that? “Given opportunities” …mmmmhmm. See, to me, that’s code for, “Get ready to make some tough decisions!” HA! and “live more deeply and fully”? Buddy what? Yeah, if that doesn’t sound like some good old fashion Human Life Experience about to go down, I don’t know what is.
I mean, I could be wrong. It could be all about getting a chance to do something I’ve always wanted to do, but it’ll just be hard work. Sure, yeah, And, even if I fall flat on my face …they’re still gonna love me. *sigh* Well, that’s how my brain has to prep for that stuff at any rate. Again, I could be totally off. But probably not by much, if I’m honest.

Saturday – “Power

 – Is mine sayeth the beholder. For real though – Be in your Power and Shine like a muthafucka.
Hey, sometimes Spirit has edge.

Sunday – “Forgiveness

– Because hey ♥ You know how this works.
I love how we get to the end of the week, and it’s like they know I’m tired – so they keep it brief. (Also, I’ve got a lot to say about forgiveness. It’s just not quite ready yet.)

Self-readings, there you have it. It is a simple practice. It could even seem like a shallow practice, but as it is the practice that gives me framework, I don’t knock it. It allows me to hold a space for other practices as well.

I’m a person of many interests. I love learning new things. I desire to do many of them well, and I actually master some of them – so – many practices, but one simple -go to – touchstone that lets me bring my focus to center, no matter what else may be going on in life.

I don’t know if that helps anyone out there, but I hope so.

Tomorrow, Saturday, July 29th I’ll be teaching PoundFitness® at 9am over at Crescent Lotus Dance Studio, and then at 8pm I’m dancing at Jamila’s Cafe on Maple Street until 10 – I would love to trade some between-set conversation if anyone would like to come catch the show!

Next week my schedule over at Crescent Lotus is:

Mon –  PoundFitness® 5:15PM
Tue – PoundFitness® 6PM followed by Anatomy of Bellydance (A.o.B.) @ 7:15PM
Thu – PoundFitness® 5:30PM
Fri – PoundFitness® 8:30AM
– NO POUND FITNESS – Saturday, August 5th or 12th! Thanks for understanding!!!

DANCE WEEK in New Orleans, comes to a close tomorrow with National Dance Day! And also the last day for $5 Classes all around the city – including Pound Fitness® with me tomorrow at 9AM!

The Happy Freyja’sDay Dance video from this morning is at the bottom of this post, & as always, I hope you dance along.

Until next time, I hope you get to spend time with people you love doing stuff that fills you up and brings you joy!

~Shamsi, Charlie, Me


Happy Freyja’sDay World!


Happy Freyja’sDay World! Are You Ready to Dance?! from Shamsi Charlie Pettus on Vimeo.

Happy FreyjasDay World! Are You Ready to Dance?! from Shamsi Charlie Pettus on Vimeo.