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Yemaja “I got your back”

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It happens,

“Intuitive Paintings, what the heck is that?” Well, lemme tell ya a stehry:

Two weeks ago I began applying color to two canvases.
I had images in my head of what their final outcomes would be.
But that doesn’t matter, because that ‘final outcome’ basically never happens. Not really. I mean, it happened once, but I didn’t like it – I forced it to be that way, and the results showed the forcing.

Really, it’s about the color and the feelings. Period. Everything else is subject to change.

I’m a huge fan of Japanese culture …the two women (Great Aunts) for whom I am named spent the majority of their lives in Japan, before 1900. And that’s actually an exceptionally small part of my fascination. The Toshiro Mifune / Akira Kurosawa combinations is one of my all-time favorite actor/director combos. And well, then there are katanas and the whole Samurai culture… but there’s just too much going on in all of my “love” to explain it here, let’s say, my Soul has a strong pull to Japanese culture.

At any rate – I’ve been holding this image of either a Samurai, or a Japanese Lady, fan dancing …but I knew the colors had to be “Blue and White” – don’t ask me how the red got in there, that’s a question for later, obviously.

Blue and white. I’m on it.
It sat for a week without embellishment, or defining of any kind. I had no clue what was going to happen.

I just stared at it, nearly every waking moment while we were both in the same room.

I began to see this shape emerge …it looked like a bird’s head, so, next time I began painting, I “filled in” and better defined what I had seen in the drying paint. Then I realized there could have been a human form, so I defined “her” and then felt this WILD and crazy urge to give her a fan of fire. So there she was, my beautiful, fire-fan-dancing Japanese lady …with white peacock.

But so far from finished.

And not at all, not really.

I sat with her for another week. The feel of her was nothing less than complete assurance of “I’ve got this” and then later, I heard her say, “I’ve got your back” …and then – from no where (well, not really) I FELT THE PULL IN MY CHEST TOWARD THE WESTERN SKY, UNTIL IT REACHED THE PACIFIC OCEAN AND I FELT, Yemaja.

Yemaja is not a deity with whom I’ve spent much time.

She is One of whom I was aware, but had never engaged. Until last year.

It seemed so organic, so natural, that a beautiful friend, Bonny McDonald, who had written a play called “Sacred Waste” (and more here) would be led to ask me to substitute for another friend,  unable to make one night of the show’s performance. Two days before the show, she sent me a link to “Yemaja”, “for inspiration,” she said. For the performance, I dressed in the (totally magical) costume they provided, created from discarded bottle caps and other symphonic sacred waste, and embodied Yemaja before I climbed onto the stage. I feel that She, Yemaja has been following (waiting patiently for?) me ever since.

So, there I was last week, staring at this unfinished work, when I felt Yemaja’s pull toward the Oceans …and on a lark, I found our reference book with Deities and looked up, Yemaja …whose colors are white and blue ♥ and whose familiar/animal companion is a peacock …the fact that it says Yemaja favors the peacocks because of their blue and green “ocean-like” plumage didn’t deter me, I knew the peacock here should be white.

But here’s the deal …I had no idea this is where the paints would lead.
I just listened.
I felt.
I paid attention to the subtle, small voice that was nothing more than a compulsion, drawing my heart and Soul toward the colors of Blue and White, and later, to the Pacific ocean.

Spirit Speaks.
We just have to be willing to listen.
And TRUST what we’ve heard.

“I’ve got your back” (Yemaja) is a work of acrylic paints on a 24″x36″ Canvas.
Yes, she is looking for a forever home.♥

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