The work I do often involves finding new ways, while employing some of the oldest, to empower each of us.

I do this work because I believe our growth as a Human Collective depends upon each link/individual recognizing that we are neither our strengths, nor our weaknesses, but the culmination of both.



The act of walking on hot coals, also called “Firewalking” is a practice used for connecting an individual to their true source of power by meeting fears, facing/acknowledging them, and finally – moving through them.

As I assist during this process, participants are offered a series of challenges prior to walking on the coals, including: arrow-breaking, re-bar bending, and walking on broken glass. None of these activities is required in order to walk on coals, but they are highly recommended and lay a greater foundation for later challenges.

At its essence, firewalking can provide individuals and groups with real and embodied proof of how, when we set our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits to a task, the Universe will always help us take the first step; which is ultimately, the hardest.

It has been my honor to study with Hawkeye (Donna Daniels) and Nike Merritt of Daughters of Pele Firewalking, and it is with gratitude and pleasure that I continue the practice that they have lovingly grown and maintained.

The following link is for a downloadable .pdf which includes a fee schedule as well as all of the information and requirements for hosting a Firewalk. Please read this first before emailing Documentation for hosting a firewalk.

Links and Resources:

GLoLadyTv Fire walks with Daughters of Pele

Tolly Burkan’s website and detailed information about Firewalking

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Sweat Lodges

Sweat Lodges have been created and used by cultures throughout history, and all across the planet. While I cannot claim Native American ancestry, my energetic-lineage in this ceremony is from the Cherokee, who live primarily in the Southeastern United States. In this tradition, the sweat lodge is a powerful purification rite giving practitioners a means of re-birth.

In my experience, there are few rites more powerful for allowing Spirit to manifest in Life. Each aspect of the ceremony, from the fire tending and rocks to the structure of the lodge itself has a direct correlation from the physical to the Spirit World.

Within the ceremony, not only do we invoke the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine, but we work with each, balancing the two to create a whole and unified experience.  From the moment we make the decision to participate in the sweat, we have created an intention. And again, before anyone enters the lodge itself, we ask each participant to state their intention.

Through intention and ceremony, we bring forth powerful change and renewal.

The first sweatlodge I ever attended changed my entire life. No metaphor, no exaggeration. My entire life changed in the following six months as the direct result of a message I received from Spirit during that sweat.

As they say, once you wake up, you can never go back. Not really.

There are some physical considerations, both in terms of hosting a sweat lodge and the participants, I am glad to discuss all aspects of this powerful ceremony if you are interested in hosting a sweat. Please read the attached document if you would like to host a sweat lodge. Documentation for hosting a Sweat Lodge

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April 7-9 101



I had an Episcopalian upbringing. In my early childhood, it was my paternal grandparents who took me to church and taught me to connect to the Divine and taught me to pray. My grandmother and grandfather meditated daily. Sometimes I would walk into the house while they were in the midst of this practice, and their living room would feel the same way the churches we attended felt.

When we went to church there was an expectation that I would be quiet and bow my head with everyone else when we all prayed together, but it never felt as sacred, or as focused as when I was alone with my grandparents in this same activity.

As I’ve grown and settled into my own practices of meditation and prayer, I’ve come to realize that prayer is a very private thing for me. And while there are times when I am called to lead prayer, or an invocation, both of which are outside myself and involve allowing everyone to hear, I still feel that the best, most powerful connection I have to Source feels like something much more subtle, much more quiet.

Even in the quiet, I still believe in the power of the group – of combined intention, and it is in this spirit that I offer my alter as a place for your prayer requests.

Each morning, as I light candles, and invoke my own guides, guardians, and angels, I will add your prayers if you choose. Simply fill out the form below and click ‘send’. You do not need to leave your name or email address for this to work. Your prayer is enough.

Prayer Requests

Your Name (or initials, or stage name, or not - anonymous will still work ♥ )

Your Email
(Not necessary, unless you would like for me to respond. But if you put it here, I will totally respond.)

Your Prayer Request. Vague or specific, just hold the intention as you type, that's all that is necessary.

Respectfully Yours, In Service and Gratitude,

~Shamsi Charlie Pettus



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