Kali's A** Kickin' (Burn that Mutha' Down) 48x48
Kali's A** Kickin' (Burn that Mutha' Down) 48x48

Kali’s A** Kicking (Burn That Mutha’ Down)

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48″x48″ Acrylic on 1.5″ Canvas

Kali’s A** Kicking (Burn That Mutha’ Down)

Because sometimes letting go looks like destruction.

Product Description

In Life, I am not always sure of where I am going, but I’ve gotten pretty good at listening and following the guidance I receive from the Divine – however it shows up. One of the things I’ve managed to learn for certain is that whenever something new (especially when that something is powerful) begins to manifest in my life, I have to let go of “that which no longer serves me” in order to make space and allow for the new.

It’s never easy. And there have been times when I managed not to listen long enough so that the Universe just “handled” that situation …like the time my dance studio burned to the ground because I was dragging my feet about letting it go.

True story; long, but true. Yes, I totally learned the lesson there.

I am also not certain I could tell you when The Goddesses of Destruction and Rebirth appeared in my life, because I feel like she’s probably been with me my whole life (and then some,) but I can tell you when I consciously understood Her influence.

When I was 29, and preparing for a Vision Quest, I had more than several encounters with Sekhmet, which was the first time I learned the fine art of ‘letting go to let something bigger/better/more appropriate for me now appear.” Sekhmet was right on the font lines when I needed to, “let go of my life as I knew it,” even if there was lots of crying and denial, before I was able to let go.

Later, I would work with, learn and understand that Kali plays this same role.

During my initiation into facilitating Firewalks, I began to learn these lessons from Pele.

What I’ve learned from them all is that everything has a season, and sometimes we need things in our lives that we cannot understand in that moment, but they’ve always got lessons to teach us. And when we’re done learning, we can let go and make space for the new.

And sometimes letting go looks like destruction.

Kali's A** Kickin' (Burn that Mutha' Down) 48x48
48″x48″ on 1.5″ Canvas “Kali’s A** Kickin’ (Burn that Mutha’ Down)”

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Dimensions 48 x 1.5 x 48 in


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