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In the interest of full disclosure, I have known and adored this woman since we were very young. That being said, she is absolutely amazing!

I waited until after my second session with her to gain some perspective and have a comparison. And let’s face it. I have gone from “hot mess” to “a confident work in progress.” Her insight and guidance were spot on. Her gift truly comes from a place of love and understanding. Her perspective on issues and awareness of me was amazing. I could feel and tell a huge difference almost immediately following our first session. After our second one, I was totally relaxed, at peace, and ready to work on ME and my “homework” she assigned. I cannot sing her praises enthusiastically enough and very much look forward to our next session. I am excited to suggest her to friends for work and healing.

Melissa Fisher

This work with Shamsi brought me more opportunities for healing my soul than I even knew I existed. There is going to be a wealth of information given to you about yourself. It helped me find clarity and understanding of wounds from this life that I struggled to pinpoint by myself. Experiences from other lifetimes also presented themselves for clearing, which I found fascinating. I felt layers upon layers of heaviness lifted. I found a lot of avenues of personal work to pursue after this knowledge was imparted. I advise you to prepare yourself for reflection and integration afterward, because if your experience is anything like mine, you will be taking time to look again at what you experienced and absorbing the healing for months to come.

Margaret Eaton Kimball

Shamsi provided me the first experience into this arena and in the months following our session together I am growing my understanding and appreciation of the depth and thoughtfulness with which she treated some of the most sensitive and challenging subjects of my life. I am a business person, a pragmatist and a public person, and I enthusiastically endorse Shamsi and encourage anyone to give themselves the privilege of an experience with her talents as both a see-er and generally an inspiring spirit that I have come to be deeply grateful to know.

Nathalie Molina Niño – Global Misfit

Shamsi is an Angel whisperer! I find that people either can or cannot talk to our guides and it is clear instantly, and then there is the business of communicating information. Shamsi is a little like sitting down and having a talk with the smarter side of yourself, the most positive side of your self. She has helped me to remember my dreams and encouraged me in areas where doubtful thinking had taken over. I am awake now and intrigued.
Thank You Shamsi!

Tracey Fischer

A short while ago I was probably in the calmest state I had been in since I injured my back a little over a week ago. For those of you who do not know Shamsi Charlie Pettus you should seek her out and soon. She not only is a belly dancing dynamo but is also an incredible healer. I had the opportunity today to have a Reiki session with her. The moment her hands came into contact with my body all of those fears of “What if this is going to hurt” melted away.

During my time with her she included an intuitive reading that not only gave me outstanding insight as to why this injury had occurred at this particular moment in time but she had given my inner bell an outer voice. Her bond with her guides is remarkable and the relationship she has forged with the Angels is nothing short of miraculous. You get to experience all of this in a calm and serene environment. She is such an amazing woman to behold. Her gift comes from a place of love for all. Regardless of what you may believe or may not believe I have to say that I FEEL BETTER. My back still hurts but it is going to, but it feels better that it did when I woke up this morning. I have to say this too, I have NOT had to take anything so far today for pain management. The love and energy that just pours off of the woman is so beautiful that I can find no words to express the way she shines. Shamsi has a way of communicating to you what is going on with your body that makes you realize that yes I did hurt my back but it was the only way that the universe could get me to take a rest. So will I see her again? A pack of wild rabid mongoose couldn’t keep me away. And when you do meet this amazing woman you will see for yourself that big things do indeed come in small packages. Do it soon, you will be so glad you did.”

Megan R. Whitmer

Shamsi is everything I was hoping for in a dance teacher. She is patient, encouraging, clear, and intuitive. She inspires me to be a better dancer with every word from her mouth and move of her body. She made me realize that I was a dancer even before I set foot in the studio. If you ever thought that dancing wasn’t for you, think again. Shamsi can help you soar.


Shamsi’s instruction has lead me to a much greater awareness of mind, body, and spirit. I have not only become a much more confident and skilled dancer, but a healthier, stronger, more confident person.

Jessica Bourgoyne

As a performer and entertainer, “Shamsi exudes a presence in her dance that is a force of nature—intense, seductive, and above all entertaining!—”

Dr. Richard Culbertson

As a former ballet dancer, bellydancing was a huge leap for me. Shamsi’s passion and expertise opened up this new world of dance for me. She has a way of explaining movements through visualization that is almost immediately effective and pretty damn funny, too.

Brandi M. Little