Certifications that don’t involve Microsoft or DOS:

Dancemeditation(TM) Instructor
Daughters of Pele – Firewalking Ceremonies
Advanced Angel Certified Practitioner
“OM” Oracle Messenger
Certified Life Force Energy Healing Practitioner

Practices I’ve studied and those with whom I’ve spent the time:

Dancemeditation(TM) Teacher Training with Dunya through the Dervish Society of America (2003-2007)
POUND® – Rockout.Workout. A fun new way to workout that involves a pair of weighted drumsticks called “Ripsticks®”, a whole lot of rhythm and room to grow into the routines. I love this workout because I not only sweat, but my brain is constantly being activated by the challenge of it all.
Charles Virtue ACP and AACP
Birkan Tore “OM” (Oracle Messenger)
Hadia Raqs Sharki Level I Teacher Training
Usui Reiki (3 Levels) LeePhether and Don Mikovitz
Firewalking Training with Donna Daniels and Nike Merritt through Daughters of Pele Firewalking
Deborah King  Life Force Energy Healing (Level 1)

Nouns Who Matter:

All We Need Farm A couple of my closest, and wisest friends, living it up in Needville, TX – Goat’s milk Gelato-Pops and Hog Shares available – seriously. 
Dirty Footprints Studio Painting.Process.Life
Firefly Creative Writing Writing.Writing.Writing. Classes-online, in-person, and correspondence. Editing. Coaching. Promts. Videos. Writing.
Fabeku Fatunmise “Business awesomizer. Suck exorcist. Sonic alchemist.” <—no, really.
Jeanne Bessette Artist, Big Heart Person, and Lover of helping people Live Large.
Chris Zydel Master-Coyote, and Facilitator of Process Painting …mostly.
Ardith Goodwin Artist, Painter, Writer, Storyteller, MASTER teacher, Playful Human, or, as she chooses to define herself “ARDITH GOODWIN – Creative – Through the marks of a magical story an artist is born… self-taught creative maker, with one eye on imagination, and the other on living an incredible life. Expandorendative at its finest!” she’s all that and a bag of chips.
Jeremy Novy – Stencil Artist and Activist (among other things.) I got to take an afternoon workshop with Jeremy not too long ago and in addition to helping fuel the flames of my creativity (and social activism) he really helped me get a better handle on the concepts of “contrast” and “contours” which Ardith Goodwin got me started on when I studied with her. Don’t you love how the Universe works? Yeah, me too.