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Inspirited Body Explorations No.4 Listen to your body talk

Today – More awareness. What happens when tension takes over and just listening to our bodies.

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Inspirited Body Explorations – Music

As always, we’re talking embodiment! This week it’s all about music. It’s magic, and what it means in our bodies.


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The Insprited Body Investigations – an introduction.

Shamsi here, and we’re talking about embodiment.
Today, it’s an introduction to awareness and emotions. Join in! Explore. Comment. Ask questions. I’d love to hear from you about your experiences with awareness and emotion, and how they affect (or not) your experience of embodiment. Thanks for being here!

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Welcome to Flight of the Pelicans! Please take a look around while I set the stage.

Welcome!!! Thank you for your interest in Sunday’s Auction.  Please scroll to the bottom to read the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT if you would like to participate.

The official Auction address will be  and it will go live this Sunday, September 4th at 12PM CDT

 If you know that you will be unavailable during that time, but would like to bid on one of the items, please send me an email and we can discuss setting up a ghost-bid option.

“Blessings” – Pictures, and video

“Gratitude” – Pictures, and video

The following will also be printed on the official Auction page Sunday, copied here for preparedness:


  1. If you would like to place a bid on one of the two paintings (“Gratitude” / “Blessings”)
    please fill out and submit the form (which will be located at the bottom of the Auction page.)
    Once I receive your bid, you will be sent a confirmation, and your status (“you have high bid”
    or “please bid again”) at the email address provided.
    If you would rather be updated by text, please include your telephone number as well.

  2. In the “Amount” box, please type your bid in U.S. Dollars. If you would also like to include
    a bidding limit, I will continue to raise on your behalf until your limit is reached, (you would
    only be notified in the event of your limit being out-bid.)

  3. The auction will be open from 12PM CDT through 4PM CDT. I will identify close-of-auction
    based on the time stamp of the email. The highest bidder, of each item, whose bid is received
    by 4PM CDT will win.

  4. The Auction page will be updated every quarter-hour (beginning at 12:15PM) with the current,
    highest-bid on each item.

  5. Once the winners have been determined, I will notify all of the participants. Winners will be
    contacted via the email provided with all of the details regarding payment, shipping of their
    painting, as well as information about contacting the families we are supporting.

  6. Payments will be accepted via Check, Money-Order, or PayPal.

  7. Should a winning bidder be unable to make payment within 1 week of auction close, they
    will forfeit the item, and the next highest bidder will be contacted and offered the painting.