I create art.

I am an artist, through dance, written word, symbolism, rhythm, movement – my artistic-playground extends across mediums and sometimes bridges them. I am constantly evolving and growing beyond my borders as an artist, welcome to my journey, I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do!

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Pablo Picasso

I believe that art heals humans in weird, mysterious, and wonderful ways. Whether we are the artists, or the audience. I believe that when an artist connects to themselves, and creates from their well, their Source, they are truly tapping-in to something not only greater than themselves, but also to something needed by more than themselves; regardless of the medium.

For me, I paint because the doing of it – the process of the work is taking me to the next point along my journey; not dissimilar to writing, painting assists me in untangling my thoughts, sensations, and emotions.

The only rhyme or reason here is my connection to Spirit; as my teachers, lessons, games, and messages – all in the guise of animals, numbers, symbols and so much more. The World is alive around us, and my art is me, interpreting all of the subtleties.


Available, original artwork. Free shipping within Continental United States. If purchasing from outside of the Continental U.S. please email me. Thank you.



I have a mad-love for them. Not only are they something akin to dinosaurs, but they are the state bird of Louisiana, which has always just made me feel protected – I know, weird, right? Enh, maybe, but in my adult-life as I learned about animal spirits and their energies, all of the things I learned about pelicans just confirmed all of my little-kid feelings about safety, and balance, and profound calm. HUGE birds that don’t get buffeted around easily and just look like everything’s a piece of cake.

Again, mad-love. On many levels. So I created this flock of pelicans with the hope that as they wing out into the world they can share a bit of their buoyancy and infuse their surroundings with calm.

Each pelican is unique. An original stencil design, spray-painted on a hand-cut, roughly rectangular, prepared sheet of 100lb Bristol paper, finished for light-fastness. Sizes vary – 12.5-14.5″ wide by 26.5-33″ tall.

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This is a gallery of previously adopted artwork


Should you be interested, these are the artists with whom I’ve had the pleasure and honor of studying so far:

Ardith Goodwin, Chris Zydel and her Wild Heart Creative retreats, Connie H. Solera of Dirty Footprints Studio and Jeanne Bessette.

I have the fortune to be part of many circles, including a FaceBook group called “Boom Brigade,” headed up by Fabeku Fatunmise. He’s got a pretty big heart and enjoys sharing where he can. In his most-rockin’ generosity, he gave a free talk on the importance of Art and Artists, as well as Artists as Magicians – the only charge for the listen is to share this link as far and wide as possible. And my friends,it’s a pretty freakin’ inspirational listen, here, check it out.