The Full Skinny…

Photo Credit: Connie H. Solera

I am still learning. 

Every day.

And it is abundantly clear that regardless of my levels of mastery, I’ll be learning for the rest of my life.

Big lessons, small lessons, lessons I’d rather not learn, and lessons that are rocking my socks off – begging for additional practice.

I believe that there are many paths to Source, and that all of the names of “The Creator” mean the same thing; that we are ALL ONE,  separated only by our physical natures.

To me, those physical natures are both the key to our Spirituality, and the lock.  It’s all a matter of learning how to use what we’ve got …and that all amounts to practice, no matter who we are.

Which is all to say, there’s lots of learning to be done all over, and while I don’t know everything, I do know more than some, less than others, and I’m always eager to share – because, the more we know together, the quicker we can all rock this whole enlightenment thing. Right? Right.

So, probably you want to hear what I actually do – which is hard to pin down because it encompasses a number of things, but I’ll try to lay it out plainly.

Essentially, I am present for you.

Wholly, completely, fully, right there with you throughout our time together.

Whether we find ourselves dancing, exploring movement, touring your Soul’s terrain, revealing past lives, painting, learning to listen to ourselves and our bodies more deeply, I will be present to the point of dragging you into my space.

And that space? It just so happens that if we work together, that space will have been carved out and created just for you, in that moment, allowing you to explore any aspects of yourself that may have been previously hidden, or that you’ve been unable to observe by yourself, for whatever reasons.

I get that can seem elusive and maybe like I’m side-stepping the actual question, but at the heart of everything I do – I’m just present and receptive to translating weird, sometimes intangible languages for others into words  and images they can understand.

The rest of this is all just plain silliness, but it will let you know more about me, in case you would like to have a closer gander.

No- this is a crawfish hole

  • I have a love of words, and a love for enunciating perfectly acceptable words in weird ways.
  • I still lament the loss of “Saturday Morning Cartoons.”
  • I believe our planet is a giant playground.
  • “Do No Harm.” And if for some random reason, it accidentally happens, apologize and have awareness for such situations in the future.
  • After I saw Star Wars for the first time, I prayed to Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobe, and Luke Skywalker to come take me away in the Millennium Falcon.
  • I believe forgiveness and compassion can save our World, just as they can save an individual.
  • For a brief period of time, between the ages of 8 and 19, I existed solely on books and organized sports.
  • I enjoy canoeing, playing in mud, finding crawfish holes, being contrary, reading fiction, watching movies, being silly, painting, writing, and shenanigans.
  • I find difficulty in just “having conversation,” but engage me on the state of the world, where we as humans go from here, or the best way to ground and maintain energy and we’ll be talking all day.
  • So, yes, cartoons, finger-paints, Star Wars, bellydance, Science-Fiction, drumming, Katanas, yoga, canoes, and motorcycles, but at the heart of all I do lies Spirit; Source, Great Spirit, Allah, Jehovah, Shekinah, God, The Universe, and Everything.


But seriously, have I mentioned Star Wars and Cartoons?

Han is my Co-pilot
Han is my Co-pilot

That’s all I have to say about that, unless you’d like to read a few thoughts from my noggin, see me instigating at a dance festival
…or, me living the after-Halloween-dream

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