Dearest Bright & Shiny!

My name is Shamsi, and I am an expert in leading people, fearlessly into the temptations of joy and wonder!

Which can sometimes seem a little intimidating, true – but please, let me assure you, where ever you choose to grow, I will be honored to serve as an escort who is fierce in her compassion, honest in her assessments, gentle in their delivery, and above all an advocate for your highest and best self.

I do all of this in myriad ways, which can be reduced to two, key components: awareness and personal power. OK – three, THREE, key components: awareness, personal power, and fun. I’m big on the fun. Even when we’re doing the tough work.

Are you ready to start rocking your best possible Life? Well, alrighty then! Let us Dance!

If you’re new to the Shamsi-verse and can’t find the information you seek on my About, or Work With Me pages, please feel free to contact me, I’m all ears.

If you’re ready to Work With Me, then let’s go!

Festival International 2003 Lafayette, Louisiana Photo Credit: Kate Pettus

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